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Frenzied To Financial Freedom

Feb 6, 2019

Kristen and Stephanie introduce their podcast and share what you can expect. The podcast is to encourage and inspire women who are on a path to (or have reached) financial freedom by pursuing side hustles, creating a businesses and real estate investing. As women, we have unique challenges, in that we want to have meaningful work, we want to be great moms, and we want to contribute to the world. This can be difficult in the confines of a 9-5 job. Our listeners are professional women who are growth-seekers striving toward balance and flexibility in their work pursuits, so they can spend time with their families, and ultimately live out their purpose and legacy. They are looking to ditch their “frenzied” lives to find financial freedom by creating side hustles, juggling entrepreneurial pursuits, finding balance in the corporate world, and our top area of focus -- those who have reached financial freedom through real estate investing.